Who we are

Koluma offers software and consulting for testing and development laboratories. With us, you will be accompanied by experienced specialists and managers who pass on their valuable and practical knowledge acquired over many years. Our goal is to support companies with the critical knowledge and software technology to accomplish complex tasks quickly and reliably.

Our inspiration

Our inspiration is to enable our customers with the latest technologies to do right what they want. We enlighten tracks which you can easily take to reach your goals successfully. Learning by doing, that is our motto. To make this possible, we are constantly seeking for modern tools that make solving complex tasks a pleasure.

What we strive for

Our ambition is to drive digitization and innovation in companies through smart solutions and efficient processes. To this end, we offer high-quality knowledge and software to show our customers how competitive advantages can be recognized and efficiently used through modern concepts. Wherever possible, we rely on open source, modern and outstanding cutting-edge technologies.